The Bosque

The Bosque

Friday, May 28, 2010

Boudreau's RV Travels

Boudreau's RV Travels: "short lived. The weather was fine with"

I guess it’s about time to update my blog with information about Loretia’s and my RV travels. Unfortunately, Loretia and I haven’t had much time to travel any further than our own state back yard as we wait for her anxiously anticipated retirement. Well I guess wait is not a good choice of words because even though our Hummingbird RV hasn’t gone very far down any road lately, we have been replacing all the funky stuff that RV manufacturer’s think RVers want in their home on wheels for items that are more user friendly. The large double duty window coverings were first on our list. They never worked well or stayed up and rattled while traveling down the highways so we replaced them with microfiber blackout drapes and attached them to the wood box valance above with shower curtain rods. We also trashed the shower accordion access door because it was too restrictive and only latch half the time. Now we have shower curtains similar to those in our stationary home.
Even though our travels will not take us any further than the Jemez Mountains or Durango this year, this home down time has given me the opportunity to finish my Biography. Being a frugal sort and knowing most of the people or relatives I know spend the majority of their free time watching TV instead of reading, I decided to self publish my book in a digital text platform on as a Kindle Book. If you’re interested in reading my story it’s entitled “Denali Dreams” and is available for purchase as a Amazon Kindle book for $7.99. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a free Apps “Kindle for PC” onto your computer and create your own cloud of books available for reading on your laptop or a future Kindle or some other user ready electronic devices.
Until we meet you on the road again; Drive safely…

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